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A one-hour, Female, Character-driven TV Serial Drama with grounded Sci-Fi, Romance and Crime
A mourning grief therapist and a guilt-driven neuroscientist harness their budding powers of clairvoyance and precognition to unearth hidden family traumas, fight for justice, and try to change the past without destroying their future.

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SYNOPSIS for Teleception

TELECEPTION One-hour TV Series by Christine Inserra

Kate Ryan, 35, is a psychotherapist and grief counselor who doesn’t dream. Overly attached to her parents and never married, she now grieves the death of her beloved father. While caring for her dying mother, who has Alzheimer’s, Kate cuts back on her sleeping pills and begins to experience disturbing dreams and paranormal events in her home, leading her to suspect that it is her father, but why?

Arely Flores, 35, is a frustrated, pre-cognitive dreamer who doesn’t have clear enough recall to help or save those she dreams about. Her research grant is nearing its end, and she’s rushing to refine her methodology for recording dreams. Arely carries the guilt of the childhood dream which guided her mother and brother to safety but lost her father as they crossed the Mexican border. Is he dead or alive? She and her Vice-detective brother, Antonio, are driven to find out. After a drug bust, Antonio is fired-up to track down the Sinaloan cartel that made his family’s life hell in Guatemala. He believes the cartel is the key to finding his father alive or avenging his death.

Arely has a fragmented dream of a red-headed woman, so when she meets Kate, she experiences a déjà vu. Kate asks Arely for help with her dreams, which are driving her crazy. She needs to know if her father’s spirit is in her house. Moved to help, Arely has always wanted to research “visitation dreams,” so they work after hours. On the first hookup to Arely’s lab equipment, Kate’s dream reveals the lucid, spiritual presence of a man who looks like her father. Calmed by knowing that her father’s spirit is with her, Kate enlists Arely to help find out what he wants.

Meanwhile, Arely and her plucky, enamored assistant, Tasha, encounter setbacks and struggle to meet their research deadline. Arely’s boyfriend, Stefan, adds to the pressure by asking her to marry him and have children before her biological clock runs out.
Devastated after assisting her mother’s death with morphine, Kate has a breakthrough. In a loving appearance during a therapy session, her father helps facilitate communication between a grieving client and the client’s deceased friend.

After the successful completion of their brain-imaging project, Arely’s boss tells her that she must next develop an in-home-use dream video recorder, then declares herself in charge of their next 10-million-dollar grant project. Arely feels demoted and quits over safety and security concerns.

Leaving her boyfriend, Arely moves in with her brother. Devising her own dream recording method, she tests it and has premonition dreams: one, that Kate’s parents have an envelope for her; two, that her brother is shot and killed. She reaches him in time to save his life, making him a believer in her dream precognition. Arely and Antonio see how she can help many people, including him, with his cases.

One night all hell breaks loose as a portrait of Kate’s parents flies off the wall and scatters a stack of mail onto the floor. Shook up, Kate asks Arely to come over. Arely recognizes the letter from Kate’s parents amidst the mess and gleans that Kate can see their spirits in the room. Together they read the letter and learn Kate was adopted. Her parents provide the last known address of her birth mother. Arely reveals that she dreams of the future. They make a pact to help each other.

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