Teleception screenplay

A one-hour, Female, Character-driven TV Serial Drama with grounded Sci-Fi, Romance and Crime
A mourning grief therapist and a guilt-driven neuroscientist harness their budding powers of clairvoyance and precognition to unearth hidden family traumas, fight for justice, and try to change the past without destroying their future.

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ACCOLADES for Teleception

From the BLACK LIST Review:

TELECEPTION boasts some fascinating, provocative themes regarding temporality, identity, and intimacy. The dream technology is a fascinating link between the two leads, who forge a promising connection amid some good chemistry. The author clearly possesses a keen eye for detail, and the minutiae of Arely’s research is compelling in its specificity. It is very refreshing to see such an unabashedly cerebral project, one that makes some real demands of its audience and their attention.

There are some very compelling concepts on display here. The script is operating in an interesting genre, one that blends speculative fiction and romance in a fashion that could conceivably pull in viewers from both demographics. It also helps that TELECPTIONS’s production demands are not exorbitant given how grounded the sci-fi elements are.

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