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Feature Drama, Adventure, Romance
After a school shooting, a devastated, middle-aged high school guidance counselor seeks peace in nature by hiking in Yosemite; her ”two-spirit“ Native American guide takes her life on an unexpected detour. Read more

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From Blacklist Reviews:

This beautifully written story that features a female protagonist in her 60s who is prime for a mid-life crisis when a school shooting makes her question what really matters to her. Her job no longer fulfills her, and her husband is void of attention or love, so it’s mainly her daughter that provides the blessing and support she needs to commune with her childhood memories where she last remembers being happy. There’s excellent conflict and suspense as Sue tries to take out her anger and trauma on her nature guide, a man who has come to care for her. The writer draws this character with believable, endearing inconsistencies as Sue sees him as a safe space and therefore senses if she were to push against him, he would allow it. Chumani is a beautiful soul who is an interesting character not only for their “two-spirit” nature but also for his Native American ties to the land as they explore the healing powers of the wild. They make a wonderful pair, and the ending is a beautiful wrap-up to a solid script that will leave audiences feeling satisfied.

The relationships come alive and jump off the page in this well-drawn romantic drama. Sue is a relatable protagonist who is easy to root for. There’s an artistry to the journey evoked in Monumental that is in many respects quite profound, while the character work is equally strong.

This script offers the opportunity for a pair of prestige performances, in sue and Chumani, in particular, the field tailor-made for awards season. The intoxicating visuals and the magnetic draw of the great outdoors create stunning vistas and backdrops for what feels like a potentially quite immersive cinematic experience.

Particularly in the independent marketplace, it feels as if this script could garner a devoted fan base among sophisticated audiences in search of an understated and emotionally moving journey. This project is a great fit for a mid-level studio or as an indie darling that would charm audiences at both SUNDANCE and SXSW film festivals.

January 2023

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