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Feature, Drama, Thriller, Romance
A young lawyer addicted to pills and booze takes a job in rural Money Creek in hopes of a fresh start, but when her boss’s son snares her in his web of deception, illicit business, and cartel violence, life becomes a bloody nightmare.

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SYNOPSIS for Money Creek

MONEY CREEK Feature by ANNE LAUGHLIN, screenplay adaptation by Christine Inserra

Burnt-out law associate Clare Lehane has ridden the waves of uppers, downers, booze, and drunken sex to cope with her soul-sucking career. Hungover and late one too many times; she’s fired. Desperate for a new life with a sane job, surely she could then quit her garden variety addictions. Eureka! She scores her dream job in Money Creek, an idyllic, whistle-stop town three hours from Chicago.

Day one of the new job, Clare dumps her remaining stash. She CRASHES. Prowling for a new dealer at the local college, Clare hooks up with Evan, a screaming stoner, and his preppy roommate, Henry.

But there’s something fishy in Money Creek… Drug Task Force detectives Freya Saucedo and partner Ben Ahot are hot on the case because drug traffic has ballooned in the area. Someone is taking over and upgrading local meth labs.

Sparks of attraction fly when Freya and Clare collide at a “getting to know Clare” soiree. Her new dealer, Henry, breezes in to “meet the new associate.” He is the son of her bosses, Elizabeth and Hank! Clare begins to feel strands of Henry’s invisible web spin around her.

Clare loves her new job and adores her gracious boss, Elizabeth, who takes her under a motherly wing. She slowly earns Elizabeth’s admiration for her brilliant handling of a critical case. Henry snares Clare further by coercing her into money laundering for the cartel. As Freya and Clare’s relationship simmers, so do the lies, deception, and her drug use.

Sweet on Clare, Henry is devastated when Ray, the cartel boss, orders him to bring Clare to a “business meeting” where he plans to eliminate her because Henry’s father is snooping into Ray’s real estate dealings. Ray pumps Clare for Drug Task Force intel at the “meeting” held in Henry’s secret cabin. Ray insists Clare stay when Henry tries to leave with her. Henry bolts. While in the bathroom, Clare hears gunfire; all hell breaks loose. She crawls out to find a bloody massacre. Ray and two others are dead. Terrified, she tears through winding roads and calls 911. Henry tries but can’t get Clare to run away with him.

On fire, Freya can’t get enough of Clare, while Clare is traumatized and feels trapped. She’s the fly; Henry, the spider; and Freya, the detective who lies beside her. Clare breaks down and confesses. Shattered, Freya must take Clare into custody but allows her to tell Elizabeth first. On route, Clare stops to get some meth which Evan kindly offers. But when she arrives, Evan plays cat and mouse to learn that Clare did see the masked shooter from the window and has told Freya. Now she must pay. He shoots her full of drugs.

With Clare AWOL, Ben and Freya bust into Henry and Evan’s apartment to find Clare convulsing. Henry wails; he “couldn’t let Ray kill her.” Fighting ensues. Kick to Evan’s balls. Freya collapses, shot by Evan’s falling gun. Gunshots ring. Ben gives chase to catch Henry.

Three months later, working as a barista at Starbucks, Clare hears her name. It’s Freya limping with a cane. The two catch up. Clare’s sober and keepin’ it simple. She can’t practice law for two years. Freya asks to have coffee again. Clare explains that it’s too soon. Freya deflects, “It’s just coffee.” “Sparring, Clare counters,” No, it’s never just coffee.” Clare grabs Freya’s phone and schedules a date. Wistful, she chirps, “See ya in nine months.”

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