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Feature, Drama, Thriller, Romance
A young lawyer addicted to pills and booze takes a job in rural Money Creek in hopes of a fresh start, but when her boss’s son snares her in his web of deception and illicit business, life becomes a bloody nightmare. Read more

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From Blacklist Reviews:

MONEY CREEK is a supremely crafted character study that portrays a sympathetic struggle with addiction, an intriguing legal drama, an authentic queer love story, and how addiction spirals these elements together to calamitous ends.
Clare is a clear anti-hero in that we see how her drug addiction threatens her career aspirations and distorts the legal process; however, her struggle is portrayed with such care and compassion that we are on her side and root for her throughout the film.

Last but certainly not least, the romance between Clare and Freya is organic, passionate, and heartfelt, drawn with layers and nuance in a way that many queer love stories aren’t. The relationship between Clare’s addictive behaviors (getting wasted and sleeping with men) and her sexuality is explained in an authentic manner, that brings the audience into a deep understanding of her struggles, desires, and identity.

Combining her struggle with starting over in a small-town law firm creates a complex and intriguing legal drama that ropes characters from all over the town into its web, which creates high stakes for Clare as she tries to keep her secrets and career.

The final scene is a beautiful conclusion to their story because it shows real growth in Clare but also offers hope for a future together. The pacing is excellent throughout the script. The tension builds over time and it gets more and more intense. The final twist at the end when Evan attempts to kill Clare to protect Henry is great. Evan is portrayed as the more innocent and kind of the two and that’s turned on its head in a surprising and entertaining way.

MONEY CREEK will definitely find champions in producers and executives alike for its strong writing and authentic portrayals of queer dating and struggles with addiction.

The role of Clare is complex and nuanced and yet we root for her as a protagonist, so the role will definitely attract strong talent.

Platforms are looking for ways to increase LGBTQ representation and the relationship between Freya and Clare is very well-written. It’s also beneficial that the story is based on a novel, which adds value.

If either an A-list actress or director was to attach themselves to the film, it would get green-lit immediately and find a home on a prominent streamer. Since the film could be shot on a low budget, it could go the indie route and use talent to find financing, which would make it a standout on the festival circuit.

February 2023

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