Money Creek screeplay

Feature, Drama, Thriller, Romance
A young lawyer addicted to pills and booze takes a job in rural Money Creek in hopes of a fresh start, but when her boss’s son snares her in his web of deception and illicit business, life becomes a bloody nightmare. Read more

Teleception screenplay

A one-hour, Female, Character-driven TV Serial Drama with grounded Sci-Fi, Romance and Crime
A mourning grief therapist and a guilt-driven neuroscientist harness their budding powers of clairvoyance and precognition to unearth hidden family traumas, fight for justice, and try to change the past without destroying their future.

Monumental screenplay

Feature Drama, Adventure, Romance
After a school shooting, a devastated, middle-aged high school guidance counselor seeks peace in nature by hiking in Yosemite; her ”two-spirit“ Native American guide takes her life on an unexpected detour. Read more

Salaam Santa

Feature, Drama, Christmas Thriller
When a Muslim cab driver loses his job, he finds work as a department store Santa, but he must battle prejudice, bratty kids, and a car theft kingpin who threatens his family and the woman he loves. Read more

Silkroad Runaways screenplay

Feature, Drama, Adventure, Romance
After an aunt arranges her marriage, a rebellious Mongolian girl flees with a friend, but ruthless Steppe Riders are in hot pursuit. Read more

Feature, Romantic Dramedy, Music
A high school grad leaves home to play drum in a struggling queer rock band, but a secret love affair with the manager’s girlfriend threatens to derail the band’s last chance at success and their US Pride Tour. Read more

The Biloquist screenplay

Short, Drama
A newly employed tech genius secretly suffers from post-traumatic speech loss. His jealous co-worker steals the ventriloquist dummy he needs to communicate, challenging him to break his silence.

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