Christine Inserra

Christine Inserra is an award-winning screenwriter whose vivid characters pop off the page, and her stories leave one surprised yet satisfied. She specializes in Diverse, Female-Forward, and Character-Driven Features and Television, weaving dramas with romance, action, humor, suspense, and adventure.”Her one-hour TV pilot, Teleception, a sci-fi crime romance, was optioned. And she has just completed an award-winning adaptation of Anne Laughlin’s thriller Money Creek, about a garden variety addict who falls in love with the drug task force detective in a small rural town. Currently, she’s working on an Eco-Thriller with a women’s ensemble cast. For over 40 years, Christine touched people with her hands as a physical therapist and stirred audiences’ souls with music.

She aspires to touch people’s hearts with her screenplays

Being an introspective yet collaborative people-person has served her in the healing arts and writing. She’s a life story collector who has listened to clients’ profound truths and struggles. An acute, vivid memory of her emotional life fuels heart-gripping stories and characters with in-depth, believable emotion.

Reviewers describe her “Voice as authentic, socially relevant, emotionally evocative, witty, message-based, and avoids traditional gender-relegated behavior.” Recurring themes she Ioves to explore are the discovery of true love, finding an authentic spiritual path, confronting injustice, and acceptance that love knows no gender. “To quote Chumani, her Native American, Two-Spirit character: “It is the heart of the person I love, not the gender.”

Christine sees people as gifts waiting to be opened

On a personal note, let me introduce myself: I am a bird mother and church deacon. I garden with my wife of 27 years and lead a folk/universal gospel band (producing 3 CDs and umpteen music videos as well as educational therapy videos). Kinesthetic by nature, my therapeutic skills are all about movement. I lived in London for three years to train as an Alexander teacher, and here in Chicago, I became a Feldenkrais teacher.

Favorite TV shows: Xena Warrior Princess (vintage, but you gotta love it), Vida (muy caliente), Dead to Me, Star Trek Discovery (call me a science sponge), and way to go Michelle Paradise! Movies: Rear Window, Disobedience, the Matrix series, Swiss Army Man, Lars and the Real Girl.

Enjoy these music videos which I wrote and produced:

Christine's band performing
The Wailin' Mahalias band photo
Christine singing
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